Timo's Tools

Here is the list of various tools I use.

Creating and making presentations

  • Mentimeter - a great way to engage with the audience, making live polls. You can import your whole slide deck there, making it one smooth presentation.
  • Beautiful.AI - while Canva is good, Beautiful.AI is even better. There are many slide layouts to choose from and full integration with free picture libraries. For old-schoolers, it is also possible to export into PPT.
  • Canva - an excellent tool for not just presentations but all kinds of graphic design, including social media posts and even prints.
  • mmhmm - the best way to make impressive video presentations. Pleasure for the audience, easy to create.
  • Spoke - when not using mmhmm, Spoke helps to transcribe and edit your videos quickly. Select the transcript's text, and it can generate an easy summary video of your best takes.

Branding your pictures and other digital creations

  • Watermarkly is the best way to watermark your photographs at scale and with consistency, helping build your brand and protect your digital creations.

Organising data and notes

  • My red Moleskine - is essential for jotting down thoughts quickly.
  • Google Keep - for electronic notes, it comes free with GSuite.
  • Airtable - great for organising data and notes into databases. Easy to use, many integrations, colourful. Simple dashboards based on your form input.


  • FreeCodeCamp - if you wish to learn to code for free, there is also a free alternative for CodeAcademy
  • Section School - my favourite hands-on workshops and courses. Very practical as you'll be working on your own business cases, not just some theoretical examples. If you use this link you'll get 200$ off the membership.