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Zoom-o-thon 10x36

Corona or not, birthdays can be still celebrated. This year via Zoom in a series of 36min sessions.
Zoom-o-thon 10x36

Corona or not, here we come. Every birthday is unique. This year my birthday is actually only 23hrs long, not 24, due to going into daylight savings time in early morning hours. Also most of the world is quarantined in. Thus I'm hosting it via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/9027485468

Join in one or more of the following 36 min sessions from the comfort of your quarantine location. It all takes place on Sunday, 29th March 2020

09:00 UTC: "Window Zoom to the World Session"
Bring your phone/tablet with you next to the window and let's share the window views of Zoom-o-thoners across the globe.

10:00 UTC: "Quarantine Sports Session"
Let's jointly find some exercises we can do in our living rooms. Group planking, squats, stretches and pushups add extra vigour to our Zoom-o-thon.

11:00 UTC: "Bookworm Session"
Bring with you the book you're currently reading in quarantine and share with fellow Zoom-o-thoners.

12:00 UTC: "Kitchen Lounge Session"
Join us in the kitchen and share with other Zoom-o-thoners your favourite Zoom-o-thon power-snack that can be prepared and eaten in less than half an hour.

13:00 UTC: "The Stoic Session"
We're sharing stoic thoughts and tricks on how to navigate across the sea of corona uncertainties.

14:00 UTC: "Healing Drinks Session"
Let's make some healthy drinks together - may it be blending a smoothie or herbal tea. Or a cocktail that punches you back to life.

15:00 UTC: "Handwashing Session"
Let's Zoom in the bathroom and wash hands properly. No toilet paper hoarding needed, but bring your own soap for this running water session.

16:00 UTC: "Post Corona Travel Session"
While being locked in and borders shut, now it is time to plan for trips in post-corona-Zoom world. Share plans where you plan to head next.

17:00 UTC: "History Stories Session"
Let's look back into past birthdays, when once upon a time people were allowed to meet physically. You can share with other Zoom-o-thoners your vivid memories of past birthdays.

18:00 UTC: "Dance the Corona Away Session"
In this last session, it's time to twist and shout. Zoom-o-thoners can share the dance moves that will shake via Internet the Corona away!

Discover how your current time relates to UTC at
and then Zoom in at https://zoom.us/j/9027485468