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Happy 56th birthday, Singapore!

Happy 56th birthday, Singapore!

While I was born in Estonia and have an Estonian passport, my very first true non-Estonian ID card was my Singaporean EntrePass, which I got back in the summer of 2018 when I joined the 1st cohort of Antler. And my LinkedIn has stayed in a Singaporean position ever since that time as well. Shall I have a Singaporean passport one day as well? Time will tell.

I love this small island nation. Pragmatically functional, healthy and green. And inspirational, considering what Singapore has managed to do in 56 years of focused development.

Some people consider Singapore strict, but I find that strictness is required to achieve certain goals and make your learnings. It's the same as in school - looking back at my school years, I recall those teachers, who had solid principles, who likely had the biggest impact.  These strict principles just help you to execute and get things done.

I believe that we should have more Singapores in this world. Well functioning cities, where sustainability and health of the community are given priority over the vested interest of a few. Plenty of walkable roads, well functioning public transit, strictly set limits on cars, enforcement of smoke-free zones.

And while in Estonia during most holidays people are consuming unhealthy amounts of alcohol, I feel much more inspired by the Singaporean way of celebration - having a healthy jog or a lovely walk while enjoying the fireworks.