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On Startup School group sessions

On Startup School group sessions

Weekly group sessions seem to be back at YC Startup School. Back in 2018, when they started them, they were often tricky as the Daily.co platform they used was just of very unreliable quality. We often had to jump on Google Hangouts instead to get the session done. But in the way it was still more fun - you had during the cohort the same people on multiple sessions, so you could hear how they progress in time. Also, it was pretty useful to have YC Alumni as facilitators in the sessions -  it added more to the dynamics of the sessions.

Then in the summer of 2019 group sessions became more automated as you didn't have a fixed group anymore, but you'd on weekly basis meet a new group of fellow founders from another 3 to 4 startups.   And you'd get 3 points of feedback after each session:

  • "I understand what this startup is building from their pitch." Agree / Disagree
  • "If I had to join one startup from this group, it would be this one." Agree / Disagree
  • Written comments from fellow founders

During these sessions, you'd also share your current ongoing challenges and get thoughts and tips from fellow peers on how to overcome them.

I think that this was one of the best features of Startup School and the reason why I kept checking their website on weekly basis. Sadly in March 2021, they stopped hosting these sessions. Until this week.

So, if you're running a startup and would like to share your experiences with fellow founders across the globe, feel free to join YC Startup School as well. It's a free community, where besides these group sessions you also have a forum, video library of YC founders sharing advice on different topics you'll be touching in your startup journey and as extra perks - you'll have access to some preferred deals on fellow startup products (like some free months of service or % off for a period).

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash