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On ideas and execution

On ideas and execution

So, you think you have an idea for a new business. Well, many people get ideas, but the question remains if they are also executing their idea.

If you are coming from Europe, you'll likely be more protective of the idea and less sharing. If you are from North America, you'll more likely to share it with people around you to find support in executing it.

I came across Simon Sinek's post on his Facebook page:

Failure we can do alone.
Success always takes help.
// Simon Sinek

So, why would you need that help? To execute. And not just execute but execute brilliantly. Derek Sivers posted a while ago a formula, how ideas and execution are related:

Yes, there is a small calculation error here. 20 x 10 000 000 should be 200 000 000, not 20 000 000. Still, while the numbers are not absolute, that is, the value brilliantly executed idea can be worth more than 200M USD, but the principles stay the same. A so-so idea with so-so execution is still worth much more than a brilliant idea with no execution.

So, how to execute brilliantly? Yesterday I wrote on 68 points to remember when building your company.  I warmly recommend reading that and taking notes to remember for your entrepreneurial journey. There's also a book by Guy Kawasaki, "The Art of the Start 2.0" - that's essentially ABC covering all aspects of getting started with a business, based on real-life experiences.

Cover photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash